Monday, April 7, 2008

Mammoth Creek April 4, 2008

Ole Magneto and I took a little sick day Friday and did a little fishing. We went up 89 searching for some good clear water that had fish. We ended up doing a little driving around looking for the best water. We ended up fishing the lower half of mammoth creek. We spotted a fish on first arrival, so we knew there were fish. We both fished different styles of the streams. Matt fished the slow winding stream in the fields, and i fished the narrow faster part of the stream. We both had no luck, but i stalked a couple of probably 17-18" nice browns. I had no luck; although i threw everything at them i could think of. We stopped and had an excellent burger in Hatch, and called it a day. I think we both got a better understanding of the area, and will be fishing it much more this upcoming season. I think i am going to try to fish Miners ville this weekend. I hear it is really hot right now.

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