Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bass Pond Hurricane Fields April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008 Apple Fields Pond.

Kyle Lallis and I have been talking about fishing together since high school it seems like, but this week we finally went. I only had a couple hours on Friday, so Kyle told me about a little pond in the fields that you wouldn't believe had bass. We started fishing around 5p.m. it was a little breezy and probably around 76-78 degrees, Lallis thought the water was around 50 degrees.

When we arrived to the pond I couldn't believe that the pond we were parked at had fish. Myself being very persistent with only using my fly rod, I thought I might have some challenges. Lallis being a master bass fishermen started catching fish right of the get go. I had what I though were a few bites, and Lallis gave me some tips on the way bass take bait. After that I started to feel the subtle takes, and started catching fish. We fished for a couple hours, I caught 5, and Lallis probably had 10, but he had 2 that were at least 3lb's. I couldn't believe there were that big of fish in this little muddy pond.

Lallis and I got to now each other a bit, and have had some of the same experiences in life through fishing. We both are always looking for someone to fish with, and many times we fish alone. Hopefully this summer we can catch some trout together, but a few bass wouldn't be so bad as long as there on my fly rod.

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Lori said...

I am an old friend of Emily's, and you sound so much like my husband. He will only fish on his fly rod, all he wants to fish for is trout, and he always fishes alone! It's crazy.