Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lees Ferry with the Harrisons

Haven't been out much this year, what a bummer, so when I got the invite to hit nearby Lees Ferry with Matt, his Dad, and Brother in Law I jumped at the opportunity.

I took Emily with me this trip since it was a short one, and wanted her to see the Colorado River for her first time, also to be our personal photographer just in case we caught the only 20" fish in the river.

We had a great time Matts family is way cooler than he is. I was eating lunch and packing up when Matt's Dad, Mr Harrison finally got his first fish on the fly( wish i had a picture of that). Kudos to him for doing it on a semi technical, very large river. The other Matt, Matt's bro in law was a natural at casting, and it won't be long until he hooks up.


Mike said...

What is it with Matt and all his fairy posing? Nice of Emily to tag along and take pics, but with the heat in that canyon that's wife and child abuse. Hopefully fin, Gus, pebble, or whatever you're going to name him won't come out damaged from your selfish escapades.

Ty * April said...

Emily took some great pictures. You should take her more often. :)