Saturday, May 3, 2008

Steve's Deflowering

Today was Steve's first time fishing the right way. He was introduced to fly fishing still waters. It was 52-57 degrees with off and on winds of 15-20mph. We started fishing around 1 and stopped around 5. It wasn't the most ideal situation for Steve's first time on the water. He did hook onto a couple, but unfortunately he did not land them; however, he did catch one from the shore with a rooster tail. I had 4 or 5 bites, but only landed 1. It was probably 17"-18" with a slender body, but gave up a great fight. The spillway was running very strong, but had no fish I could see. I think the water is still cold enough that the fish are not quite feeding. I hope this weekend warms up and the fish will get more active with the heat.

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MAGNETO said...

The feeling I get the day of a fishing trip is indescribable. The only thing that is even close is the night before Christmas. You know that feeling of readiness, mixed with nervous excitement. Well that was the feeling I had this Saturday. Unfortunately that feeling disappeared due to extenuating circumstances, I was heartbroken. I hope that this season I will experience that pre fly fishing feeling often and the heartbreak of missing out on a trip less often!